Holyoke, Massachusetts is a very important place in the history of volleyball. In this city, the education director of YMCA named William G. Morgan introduced this game for the very first time in 1895. Volleyball was actually invented as an alternative physical exercise for older people that cannot really enjoy playing basketball, a fast-paced game that was introduced just four years earlier by James Naismith, another YMCA director in Springfield. William Morgan actually didn't call this game volleyball, he named this game "Mintonette", and that's because in a few aspects like its court and the net somehow related to badminton. This slightly unattractive name later changed after an exhibition match into "volley ball" (yes, that's 2 words).

Since the first time it was introduced there were so many changes being made to this game that actually made this game more and more attractive. At the beginning, the number of players on each side were not limited, as long as the court still fits anybody can jumped in. Now only six players are allowed to play for each sides, and this makes the game more effective. Before the 3 touch rule was introduced, there were no limitation for how many times the players can hit/pass the ball before they can pass it across the net to the opponent's team.

The next stage of the volleyball history took this game outside of the USA to other parts of the world, YMCA workers who worked in Missionary schools brought this game to Asian countries. The US military brought this game all across Europe during the world war I when they were stationed in many European countries that time.

Perhaps some of the most significant improvements in the volleyball history was when the governing bodies of this sport were begin to formed, USVBA was formed in 1928 and followed by the international federation of volleyball in 1947 that helped to improve this game greatly. Those governing bodies made possible for international class tournaments to be held, and this made volleyball gained even bigger popularity and attract a lot of young people, they even started to introduce this game as being a part of physical education program in highschools and colleges.

Around the 1940s volleyball was so popular along the California coast, a lot of people play this game when spending their time on the beach for fun. But this fun holiday activity later changed into a new breed of volleyball game played by two players on each side. This resulted in the introduction of a new independent sport called beach volleyball.

Volleyball finally became one of the sports in the Olympics in the year of 1964. Volleyball is quickly became one of the favorite sports in the Olympic and even more people fell in love with it. Today there are more than 800 million volleyball players in the world including world class athletes like Karch Kiraly, and in fact this game has become the second most played sport in the world after soccer.

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